Creative Solution #4: Have a Mission Statement or Mantra

In my last article, I introduced the concept of the “Power Word“, and how effective it can be in developing new associations in your teen’s thinking. A Mission Statement is very similar to a Power Word, in that it is a way to challenge negative self talk, and create what is called “Positive Anticipation“.

If your teen is prone to negative thinking, or has challenges with low self esteem, developing a Mission Statement or Mantra can be particulaly helpful to them. Oftentimes, teens with low esteem develop negative, repetitive thoughts, also called “Negative Anticipation“. It is not uncommon for a teen with low esteem to worry alot.  Commonly, teens worry about such things as: kids not liking them, saying or doing something embarrassing, not being attractive enough, or being left out of the group.

Using a Mission Statement or Mantra can empower your teen, much like the Power Word does.

Here is an example of a basic Mission Statement format:

“No  matter what…  ( fill in the blank with your mission statement )    …no matter what….”

Here are some examples of effective Mission Statements:

** “No matter what…I will never ever doubt my worth…no matter what.”

** “No matter what…I will handle my worries and become stronger and stronger…no matter what

** “No matter what…I will never ever allow another person to have power over me….no matter what

** “No matter what…I will keep my self respect and set good boundaries for myself…no matter what”

These Mission Statements or Mantras are extremely effective.

Personally,  I like to have teens write it out on a piece of paper, and take a picture of it with their phone. Then they can put it on their wallpaper of their phone, and see it repeatedly throughout the day. If your teen likes to draw, or use stickers, they can decorate it. That way, they personalize it, and visually it spices it up!

Good luck! Remember…it works for adults too!

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