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Creative Solution #4: Have a Mission Statement or Mantra

In my last article, I introduced the concept of the “Power Word“, and how effective it can be in developing new associations in your teen’s thinking. A Mission Statement is very similar to a Power Word, in that it is a way to challenge negative self talk, and create what is called “Positive Anticipation“. If your teen is prone to negative […]

Creative Solution #3: Create A Power Word

** Creative Solution #3:  Create a “Power Word” This is a pretty simple concept, and when practiced, is enormously effective. In fact, I use it myself and have at times been shocked at the positive results I get by using a power word. So…let me explain the concept and the process so you can begin […]

7 Creative Ways To Help Your Teen Through Tough Times Part 2

Creative Solution #2 :  Make the Problem a Positive Experience! Parenting teens is such a difficult challenge these days. In my first article I wrote about the benefits of Postive Journaling. In this article I thought it might be helpful to talk about how to make the “problem” a positive experience. Quite honestly, its very easy […]

7 Creative Ways To Help Your Teen Through Tough Times-Part 1

911: Is Your Teen In Trouble? As you know, your teenager is facing one the most difficult periods of his or her life. It seems like everywhere a teen turns there is a difficult challenge to face, especially these days. Sometimes parents of teens feel like they don’t have much control or influence anymore. Do […]

“To Snoop Or Not To Snoop”

911:  Should I Snoop? I bet if you are the parent of a teen, the thought has occurred to you, at one time or another, to “snoop”.  Now, snooping is a challenging subject overall, because there are so many things to consider before you do it.  One question many parents ask themselves is, “Will I lose my […]